About Us

We will strive to get you the highest prices possible.  We have decade of experience in the estate sale business, working for a family run business that started in the mid 80's.    

 Our Services Include:  Set up, Marketing, Research, Staffing, Advertising and Conducting the sale from beginning to end.    

 Set up:  For the set up of the premise we will provide tables, table clothes, lighting and display cases when needed.  Everything will be sorted, organized  and beautifully staged.      

Research:  A lot of time is spent on this since this is one of the most important parts of a sale.  We want to know exactly what every item is and what it's worth before we open the doors on sale day.     

Then there's Advertising:  Extensive advertising in local papers, online, social media and email contacts that have requested notices of upcoming sales.      

Conduct the Sale:  Your sale will be conducted in the utmost professional manner, with our trusted estate sale staff located strategically throughout the home.  Depending on the size of the home most sales are 2-3 days long.  But some estates might be extremely large and can go longer.       

Commission - We work off a commission basis and there will be NO UPFRONT CHARGES from you.  All fees come off the final sales at the end.

After the sale....

The proceeds of the sale will be mailed to you within 3 days!   

Referral Fee

Refer our company to someone in need and we will send you a referral bonus at the close of the sale!